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Our Specialized Remediation Services Water Damage Restoration in Minneapolis Dentist Office

Versatile Restoration Pros has a variety of Minneapolis MN Restoration Services to fit your unique circumstance. Our IICRC Certified staff will make sure that your job is taken care of properly and to your satisfaction. No matter what the cause, be it storms or burst pipes, we can have your home or business taken care of in no time!

Water Damage Cleanup Specialist

Many times a Minneapolis homeowner will experience a pipe burst or a drain backup that will cause water to overflow into their home and basement. This water overflow will cause standing water that can be extremely dangerous to the structure of your home as well as the contents of your home, if not removed as soon as possible.

Using the highest powered, portable extraction equipment, we can remove the standing water within a very short period of time. It is important to realize, as a homeowner that household shop vacs cannot extract water from surfaces such as carpet with enough efficiency to save the structure of your home. That is why Versatile Restoration Pros is available 24/7 to meet your water cleanup extraction needs!

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We are professionals at locating the source of the issue

There are rare cases in which even a plumber is unable to find the source of a water leak. Rest assured because Versatile Restoration Pros can handle it!

Our technicians at Versatile Restoration Pros have been specially trained to detect these hazardous, unseen leaks. Using our state of the art Flir b60 Thermal Imaging Camera and Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Probe our technicians can scan walls, floors, insulation and more within minutes to detect your water intrusion.

Structural Drying is extremely important in the Restoration Process

The most important thing for the safety of your home after unexpected water damage is to dry the structure of your home. Once water has started to set on any surface, it will try and find an outlet to either run off into or soak into. As an example, wood is a prime material for water to soak into and once water has begun to set into the wood structure of your home, it can begin to form mold, dry rot and more!

Our technicians are trained not to just dry the surface materials but to make sure the structure of your home is safe for years to come. Our staff will set equipment in your home that will not only dry the materials in your home but also dry the structure of your home, including drywall, floor joists, sub-floor, etc. This form of drying will save you from thousands of dollars in repairs down the road!

Mold Remediation can be Hazardous to your Health

Versatile Restoration Pros of Minneapolis understands that mold can not only cause embarrassing odors but can be an extreme health hazard to men and women of all ages. It is important to make sure mold is properly treated in your home before it begins to grow.

Our technicians have been trained to treat mold with precautionary measures that ensure your health and eliminate the return of undesirable mold growth safety in your home. If you smell or find mold, call today for a free inspection and evaluation of the damage!

We are your One-Stop-Shop when it comes to Storm Damage – Contact Us Today!

Storms can cause all kinds of damages to homes that can be extreme or hardly noticeable. Storms can cause leaking roofs, broken windows, compromised seals and more. These damages can allow unwanted water to enter your home and cause long term damages if not taken care of right away.

If you have recently experienced storm damage, Versatile Restoration Pros would be happy to inspect your home for leaks and damages relating to water intrusion in your home. It is important to get these damages repaired and the water damage dried immediately in order to prevent long term damages.
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