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What To Do If You Have Storm Damage?

Storms can wreak havoc on your home or property and this can be very unnerving. If you have experienced damage to your home, from a storm, that is allowing intruding water into your home, it is important that you stay calm. This is very common and can be taken care of easily by our professionally trained technicians.

If you have been unable to locate the source of the water and therefore unable to contact the correct repair company to stop the leak, contact our Minneapolis MN Storm Damage Restoration team, right away. One of our technicians will meet your at your home or your property for an assessment of the damages and a leak detection, using our Flir b60 Thermal Imaging Camera and our Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Probe. These two pieces of equipment allow us to scan for moisture, pin for moisture and use thermal imaging to see the moisture on any surface. Once the leak is detected and the source of the water intrusion has been pinpointed, our technicians can work with you to find the right repair company to contact to make sure the leak is stopped, preventing any further damage to your home or property.

Minneapolis MN Home Affected by Storm DamageEven if you have been able to pinpoint the location of the water damage and a repair company has stopped the water intrusion, it is extremely crucial for the safety of your home to contact Versatile Restoration Pros right away to have the water damage dried out properly. If the water is allowed to sit on any surface for more than 24-72 hours, your home could suffer any number of long term damages, including mold and dry rot. Simply drying the surface of the wet materials with a shop vac, towels or a common house fan is not enough to save your home from serious damages that could cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

Why hire an experienced Storm Damage Specialist?

While you are waiting for a Versatile Restoration Pros technician to arrive on site, it would be beneficial to dry the surface of the wet materials with towels or a shop vac. This will help alleviate some of the damages that can occur when standing water sits on a surface for a lengthened period of time. We don’t recommend laying newspapers on wet surfaces due to staining that could occur. The severity of the damages to your home or property from the intrusion of water will vary depending on each situation. However it is important to try and wipe up as much water as possible from all surfaces, in order to lessen the damages to furniture, appliances, etc.

We encourage you to pick up any loose items that may have been effected by the water intrusion from the storm damage and place them somewhere dry and aerated. This will allow the items to dry without being susceptible to mold growth. These items include things such as clothing, pillows, couch cushions, books, magazines, electronic appliances, etc. If electronic appliances have been affected, be sure to turn your breaker off before disconnecting these items from their power source, in order to prevent electric shock.

As a precautionary measure, we ask that you remove all affected firearms, ammo, jewelry and valuables before the Versatile Restoration Pros technicians arrive. For insurance purposes, our technicians are asked not to move these items within a home or place of business.

Once our certified technicians arrive, they will assess the damages to your home or property, locate the sources of the water intrusion, if necessary and clearly discuss the action that needs to be taken in your situation. For your protection, they will not begin any work until you have agreed to and understand our “Authorization & Assignment of Benefits” customer contract.

Types of Storm Damage

Minneapolis MN Storm Damage Restoration

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