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If you’ve experienced water damage in Maple Grove MN, you need professional help. Versatile Restoration Pros is on hand to be of assistance 24 hours a day to address disasters and emergencies. We’re here to help you get your life back on track as soon as possible. No matter how serious the damage is, Versatile Restoration Pros has the skills necessary to restore and repair your property. Whether you’ve had a fire, a flood or a leak, call us now.

Choose Us for Water Damage Restoration

    • You need a team that can show you the compassion you need after an emergency. Versatile Restoration Pros is understanding and helps to smooth the path toward restoration.
    • Because we’ve worked for years in restoration, we have all the essential skills to remove mold, odors, and damage completely.
    • Our advanced equipment is capable of identifying all areas of hidden damage. You can depend on us to mitigate mold development and other future problems.
    • We’re licensed by the state of Minnesota. We are also fully insured for your complete peace of mind.
    • Thanks to our IICRC certification, you can rest assured we carry out our work to rigorous standards.

The Maple Grove MN Restoration Team Is Here to Help

We know it isn’t easy to cope in a home emergency. When you choose Versatile Restoration Pros, the process is easier and smoother than you thought. We have a compassionate, caring, and understanding team. Our friendly team is just a phone call away to offer you reassurance and advice.

Water Damage Maple Grove MN Restorations

maple grove mn storm damageIn some cases, water damage may affect a single room. Other times, it will affect your entire property. No matter what the extent of the problem is, we’re here to help. We always ensure your possessions are safe and kept out of harm’s way. We’ll clean up all the damage, use advanced technology to spot potential problems, and protect your home’s structural integrity. We tackle all elements of water removal, dehumidification, and restoration so you can get back to normal quickly.

Mold Removal – Maple Grove MN

mold removal specialist maple grove mnEveryone is aware that damp often causes mold – an unattractive and potentially dangerous problem. Mold can be responsible for a host of medical issues, from irritations and respiratory difficulties to allergies. For some people, mold can even be fatal. It can also cause severe damage to a building’s structural integrity. If left untreated, mold could cause a collapse of ceilings, walls, and floors. Versatile Restoration Pros can remove mold spores safely and quickly to protect your home and your health.

Fire Damage Repairs in Maple Grove Minnesota

maple grove fire damage removalWe also offer fire damage restoration, as well as water damage mitigation. We take rapid action so you can secure your property. We will also clean up soot and debris and remove odors. Thanks to our advanced equipment, your home will soon be back in its original condition.

Whether your home has had a fire or flood, our fire and water damage Maple Grove MN team is here.

You can contact us 24/7, so call Versatile Restoration Pros now.