Frequently Asked Questions

Versatile Restoration Pros understands that water damage, while a common occurrence, is a very new experience to most homeowners and therefore we understand there will be many questions. Please see some of the most commonly asked questions below. We hope this helps you understand your situation better.

Why do I need a professional?

Our IICRC Certified technicians do more than just remove standing water and make your home look dry. They are trained to ensure the safety of the structure of your home. By bringing in Versatile Restoration Pros, you are making sure any underlying damages that water can cause are taken care of properly. Water, if not taken care of properly, can compromise the structure of your home, making it unsafe to live in. Water can also promote mold and mildew growth, creating a health hazard in your own home.

If my home “feels” dry, then why do I need drying equipment?

Many surfaces will feel dry to the touch even at 40% saturation of the materials! This is because the moisture in your body cannot detect saturation the way moisture probes and thermal imaging cameras can. If you allow materials in your home to sit saturated for more than 24-48 hours, you risk compromising the structure of your home as well as the quality of the air you breath in your home. Even though it may feel dry, it is better to have it inspected for moisture than to let it set and cause more damage.

How much does it cost to have an inspection?

After water damage has occurred, we can send out a technician to evaluate the status of your home FREE of charge. We do not charge any trip charges unless you choose to allow Versatile Restoration Pros to dry out your home. However, the trip charges are billed directly to the insurance company!

How do I know my insurance is going to cover this?

Most water damage cases are considered “sudden and accidental” and therefore have to be covered by your insurance company. Your insurance coverage is for accidents such as broken pipes, faulty appliances, etc. for things that you cannot predict.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait to call Versatile Restoration Pros the harder it is to get your claim covered by your insurance though. Your insurance company wants to see that you have taken immediate action on your situation, in order to ensure that the least amount of damages occur. By calling us immediately and allowing our technicians to start work right away, you are saving your insurance company money and they reward this immediate action.

Even if you are unsure of your coverage, call us for a FREE evaluation and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through your claim!

How much money will come out of my pocket before work can start?

While your entire claim is billable to the insurance company, we do require that your deductible be paid up front, before any work is started. If you are unsure what your deductible payment is, review your most recently policy or contact your insurance company right away! If you are unsure of your ability to pay your deductible up front, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! We understand that it is important to have your home dried properly for your safety. We would be happy to work with you in your current financial situation.

How long will it take to dry out my home?

Every situation is slightly different, depending on the amount of water that affected your home and how much time it was allowed to set into the materials, before being treated by our
technicians. The typical dry time for a water damaged home, if caught immediately, is 3 days. Some jobs can take up to 5 days if there was an excessive amount of water in the home or if the water was allowed to set in.

We use the most state of the art equipment with the latest technology to pinpoint the water damaged areas and have your home back to “pre-loss condition” as quickly as possible!

What does the drying process entail?

While every water damage situation presents a slightly different process, our technicians follow a standard procedure with every job. After arriving on site, our technicians will locate the source of the water, determine the saturation of the materials, discuss the damages with you and receive permission to move forward with work.

Once they have discussed the damages with you, they will determine if any items need to be removed in order to speed up the drying process. This could include the removal of vinyl flooring, wood flooring, drywall, insulation, furnishings, etc. Please keep in mind that our technicians know the sentimental value of your home and will do their best to treat your property with the utmost care and respect. They will only remove what is absolutely necessary to save the integrity of the structure of your home.

Once hindering materials have been removed, our certified technicians will determine the correct equipment to use, according to the IICRC guidelines. They will bring in equipment and place it in your home in a fashion that ensures the fastest drying time.

Our technicians will need to return on a daily basis to monitor the drying process. This is in accordance with insurance policies. This will help them determine if the current equipment arrangement is ideal for your home’s damages or if the equipment needs to be re-arranged in order to ensure a faster dry time.

After our technicians have determined that the materials are dry, they will remove their equipment and all necessary documentation will be sent to your insurance company for the processing of your claim.

What if my insurance company chooses not to pay for this claim?

We have been 99% successful in working with all different types of insurance companies to settle on various water damage insurance claims. It is important to remember that you have hired Versatile Restoration Pros to work for you. Your insurance company has not hired us to work for them. We are on your side, and will work our hardest for you to get your insurance claim covered within the realms of your coverage.