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Versatile Restoration Pros is a MN Coronavirus Cleaning Company that is providing restoration services across the state of Minnesota. When looking to hire a local Bio-Hazard service nearby your location, we understand your concerns and we understand them well. Because of the severity of COVID-19, no one wants to wait for service or be treated with less than complete respect when it comes to this situation. We pride ourselves on only bringing the best to the table with qualified and experienced restoration pros who will leave you satisfied. You can be completely confident when you choose Versatile Restoration Pros that you made the right choice and we will go the extra mile to make you another satisfied customer. We don’t accept anything less and you shouldn’t either.

Coronavirus Information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is continuing to respond to a respiratory disease outbreak that a new Coronavirus has caused. The Coronavirus was initially detected in China but has spread all over the world. Although the virus is called a Coronavirus, the illness that results following infection is called COVID-19. COVID-19 has been declared to be a pandemic, which means the disease has spread across the globe.


There is a wide-ranging illness that stems from COVID-19, with symptoms running from mild to very serious symptoms and also death. The CDC reports that symptoms can appear two days up two weeks following exposure:

– Shortness of breath
– Cough
– Fever

If you develop any concerning or severe symptoms, it is critical to contact your medical provider.

Expert Level Professional Cleaning Services

During this unprecedented situation, we have professionals who are uniquely prepared to disinfect and clean your business or home according to CDC-recommended protocols. We have dealt with biological contaminants for many years, and we go beyond the scope of the work performed daily by regular janitorial staff. Our professionals have been trained to conduct proactive cleanup procedures that involved structure or facility cleaning and disinfection. Generally, cleaning procedures include cleaning of both non-porous and porous surfaces, disinfecting non-porous surfaces, disinfecting and cleaning supplies, tools, and/or equipment used in the cleaning process, and disposing of waste.

The CDC recommends cleaning high-touch surfaces including tables, tablets, keyboards, phones, toilets, bathroom fixtures, light switches, doorknobs, tabletops, and counters. Other spaces that the CDC guidelines mention for commercial areas include the following:

– Fitness Equipment
– Playground Equipment
– Elevator Cars
– Stair Handrails
– Carpets and Rugs
– Sales Counters
– Shelving and racks
– Water Fountains
– Retail Spaces
– Offices
– Schools and Classrooms
– Bathrooms
– Kitchens and Food Areas

Specialized Products

It is recommended by the CDC that a hospital-graded labeled disinfectant be used that has claims against pathogens that are similar to the Coronavirus. We use multiple products that carry claims of EPA-approved emerging pathogens. Although currently there is no product that has been tested against this specific Coronavirus strain, we follow all the guidelines that have been provided by local authorities and the CDC.

Minimize Your Risk

Best Practices and Tips For Minimizing Your Risk

States and cities are increasingly taking drastic measures in order to attempt to curb the pandemic’s severity, including closing public venues, restaurants, and bars. Officials in some areas have ordered “shelter in place” which is an order that compels residents to limit their movement and stay at home. To protect yourself further, use the following tips to minimize your exposure:

Practice Good Hygiene

– Wash your hands often and clean your hands using sanitizer
– Cover sneezes and coughs and do not touch your face
– Disinfect “high touch” surfaces such as handrails, doorknobs, tables, light switches, and doorknobs on a regular basis
– Adjust the air conditioning or open windows to increase ventilation

At The Office

– Do not shake hands – use other forms of non-contact methods to greet people
– Whenever possible, use videoconferencing for your meetings
– When you must meet in person, hold your meetings in well-ventilated, open spaces
– Disinfect all “high touch” surfaces such as telephones, doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, and desks
– Consider postponing or adjusting large gatherings or meetings

Stay home if:

– A member of your family is sick
– You feel sick

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